How to make a beautiful notebook Scrapbooking is quick and easy


Paper crafts are different and everyone will find something interesting for themselves.

Scrapbooking – this type of paper creativity consists of two words cut and a notebook. It is used for the creative design of notebooks and notebooks in order to preserve pleasant memories.

Scrapbooking is the girly hobby

Scrapbooking is the hobby of a girl, but so cute and beautiful. Each girl loves postcard stickers, something to craft with his own hands. Now on the shelves of shops, there are many different decors that can be used in creativity.

The main idea of ​​scrubbing is to preserve pleasant memories in a do-it-yourself notebook. This can be a photo of travel, holidays, children’s photos. Notepads for newborn children are also very popular, young mothers want to keep every little thing connected with their baby. After all, children are growing so fast. Notepads for babies are especially cute because, in them, mothers save the first photos of their crumbs from an ultrasound photo to a happy smile on their first birthday.

How do you make a scrapbook Scrapbooking is the girly hobby

You can also make a notebook with your own hands for travel. You can paste not only a photo into a scrub notebook, but also save train tickets for the train. Make a pocket and save the label from the most delicious candy.
In order to master this type of creativity, a lot is not necessary.

If you just want to try making one notebook with your own hands, you only need to.

  • Notebook;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Multi-colored paper (there is a special one for the scrapbooking);
  • Stickers Multi-colored pens.

In the process, you will understand if you want to do such paper crafts on a professional level, and maybe even make money on it. You’ll need

  1. Paper for scrubbing;
  2. Albums Ring for albums;
  3. Varied decor (need more and more);
  4. Brats (cloves);
  5. Eyelets;
  6. Die cuts;
  7. Rubbing;
  8. Paints and varnishes;
  9. Adhesive materials;
  10. A variety of tools (self-healing rug, hole punch, breadboard knife, board for running; lurex installer; curly scissors);
  11. Stamping.

Ideas for Notebooks

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How to make a beautiful notebook Scrapbooking is quick and easy

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