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To begin with, we will understand what quilling is. Quilling is the art of making voluminous and flat paper crafts by twisting narrow long strips into a spiral.

This is a fairly simple type of paper crafts; you just need to buy a quilling kit. The set has a lot of ready-made long multi-colored stripes of paper. Your task is to put these stripes in the picture. Depending on what kind of picture you want to get in this way, shape your product.

In order for your artwork to turn out beautiful, draw a contour of the figure with thin lines. This will make it easier for you to place the paper.

What materials are better to use for quilling

In the quilling technique, both experienced artists and young children work. After all, twisting paper into a circle is very simple. Difficulties begin when you begin to shape your picture. For children, these are simple drawings; for adults, crafts are more difficult. Such paper ornaments can decorate a card, decorate a picture, the use of this technique is very wide.

What materials are better to use for quilling

Let’s see what materials are best used for quilling. It all depends on the picture you want to receive. It is better to use bright paper, so your paper craft will look colorful and memorable. For the base on which you will fasten the pattern, it is better to take a thick cardboard, it will hold its shape well, and the paper will not bend. Use colorless glue, as in the process you can accidentally stain already glued elements.

What do you need when making paper crafts with your own hands in the technique of quilling

making paper crafts with your own hands in the technique of quilling

  1. Quilling paper
  2. Thick cardboard for the bas
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Pencil

As you can see, there are not many.

Quilling is a great hobby that develops a sense of beauty, perseverance, and teaches you to concentrate on what you are doing. Helps to distract from problems. DIY paper crafts are a great gift made with a soul.

We have prepared for you many different examples of paper crafts using quilling technique. We divided them into simple crafts for children and more complex ones for adults. Just picked up a few training videos, watching which you can definitely make any paper craft.

How to make a picture using quilling technique

Quilling for children

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Quilling patterns

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