Papier mache

папье маше своими руками

Today we’ll talk about papier-mâché, this is an easy way to make a work of art from improvised materials. What is papier-mâché, is a mass of a mixture of fibrous paper and glue, which is easy to shape.

papier mache recipe

As you can see, paper crafts can be so different, this type of creativity is incredibly multifaceted. We need to learn more and more about him. It seems to me that papier-mâché is a little more than just a paper craft. Indeed, from a paper-glue mass you sculpt a real sculpture, yes a small and less majestic one, but still a sculpture.

papier mache art

We’ll talk about the intricacies of manufacturing a little later, but for now, let’s figure out what can be made of paper using papier-mâché technique. Yes, absolutely everything that your soul wants. Do you want a cute teddy bear, please, you just need to prepare a paper glue mass and sculpt with it what you want. You like original plates and containers, anything is possible pick up paper and paints and the bright decor is ready.

Children and paper mache

This paper craft can be done with your child. It’s so fun to do something with your own hands. Your child will be delighted with such a pastime. You can create together any animal or cartoon character. And most importantly, the child can show his imagination. To be a real sculptor, and who knows, maybe your little one will become a modern Michelangelo. All in your hands.

Children and paper mache

Do-it-yourself paper crafts occupy a special place in the heart of every child. Whether it’s papier-mâché or just a paper application. Children in a special way feel this world, they put all their love into what they do. The most beautiful thing in the world, made with love, is like a special, secret, component of a delicious dish. You once found your old children’s drawing, or the drawing of your children. Which, for many years you did not remember or considered completely lost. When you hold this thing in your hands, you immediately remember the feeling of incredible joy, as if all the years of childhood happiness fit into one small piece of paper. All the same from paper crafts, do not deny yourself the preservation of particles of happiness. Spend more time with your children, let it be making paper figures.

We want to introduce you to two ways to make papier-mâché, these are two radically different techniques that you can use for different types of crafts.

Papier-mâché from newspapers

papier mache glue

For the first option you will need

  • Newspapers PVA glue;
  • Plateau;
  • Mixing tank;
  • Water;
  • Scissors.
  1. First you need to prepare the newspapers, rip or tear them into many small pieces;
  2. Prepare a plate, so as not to spoil the dishes, you can cover it with cling film;
  3. Get started, mix glue and water;
  4. Dip each piece of newspaper into the mixture and sculpt them on a plate, you need to do 3 layers in this way, and let the paper craft dry;
  5. When the craft has dried, make a couple more layers so that the poor plate holds its shape well;
  6. When all the layers are ready, leave the craft for a day so that it dries well.
  7. Now it remains to separate the figure from the ceramic plate, trim it with scissors and decorate;
  8. Done.

papier mache ideaspapier mache do it yourself paper mache for children how to make paper mache

Papier-mâché sculpting mass

Papier-mâché sculpting mass

The second method is also not complicated, with the help of such a paper-glue mass you can make your own sculpture.

To make papier-mâché you will need

  • Thin paper, napkins or toilet paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • Water;
  • Paints.
  1. Prepare paper for papier-mâché, tear the paper into small pieces and fill it with hot water, and leave to insist until the paper dissolves in water;
  2. When the paper has dissolved, we get to work to better dissolve the paper in water, you can beat it with a blender;
  3. We squeeze out water;
  4. We mix paper pulp with PVA glue, knead it like dough;
  5. When the mass is ready we can make our figurine;
  6. After complete drying, we can decorate a paper figure;
  7. The painted figure can be varnished.

The work was done in a similar technique

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Papier-mâché in the decor

Papier mache in the decor do it yourself

Papier mache

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