Paper patterns

In the modern world for children, unreal opportunities are open that were not in our childhood. These are entertainment centers with fun attractions and smart cartoons that explain the complex laws of physics to a child in a simple and understandable language. But you don’t think that among this multitude, our children miss a lot of simple joys.

To replace colored paper, pencils and plasticine, came tablets and phones, with colorful and colorful games. And to prohibit a child from playing with such a technique is probably not reasonable on the part of the parents. After all, we live in a modern world where the phone has become an integral part of our lives. And a little person just needs to understand how that works.

The main task of the parent is to control so that the virtual world does not swallow your child. On our site, you will find many articles in which we suggest you make a variety of papercrafts. After all, the development of the child, no one has canceled, he needs to use fine motor skills, be able to cut, fold, show ingenuity in the real world. And to make this game more fun, use bright templates, multi-colored colorful pictures, so you will definitely interest the child with paper exercises.

You can use paper patterns for different purposes. It could be

  • A doll to be cut and dressed,
  • Finger toys for home puppet theater,
  • Lace snowflakes, you can also use patterns as stencils. This is especially true for the New Year holidays.
  • Volumetric toys, from paper, which must first be cut and then glued.
  • From paper patterns, you can fold a beautiful flower for decoration.
  • And with the help of bright pictures, you can glue a very beautiful applique.
  • Your child will definitely like this idea, do not hesitate.

Now we will tell you how to use our templates.

  1. Download all the pictures you like.
  2. Print the pictures.
  3. Done, it remains only to have a good time cutting out pictures with your baby.

Bright application templates

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Templates of volumetric paper toys

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Paper templates for home puppet theater

Can you use contact paper for stencils

Paper dolls templates

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Christmas templates

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Paper flower templates

Paper flower templates templates for paper flowers templates for paper crafts maple leaf template for rose paper flower template for making a paper

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