Paper gifts

Gifts, when we say this word, a smile appears on the face. How nice it is to give something to a dear person, and it is doubly pleasant to receive gifts. This is an anxious expectation of surprise, thoughts about what will be presented to you for the holidays.

We suggest you make a DIY paper gift. Especially such crafts will be relevant for children. Invite your child to give a present for grandmother or dad, so you have fun and do something useful.

Depending on the holiday for which you are preparing a gift, crafts may differ. If this is a birthday or, for example, the eighth of March, you can make beautiful paper flowers. For the new year, you can prepare figures of Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden, all that is enough for your imagination.

In a festive papercraft, you can use all the various techniques. Use smart non-ordinary materials. The more fun and joyful your work will be, the better.

Personally, I love preparing for the new year, this is the most pleasant time in the winter. From December 1, you begin to feel the approach of the holiday, cities shine with garland lights, a frosty breeze plucks cheeks. And at home, it smells of warming cocoa and gingerbread, and of course tangerines. Just a couple of weeks a year in the house is fragrant spruce decorated with colorful toys. Passers-by are in a good mood, because all the problems I want to leave in the passing year, I want the New Year to bring only good. Indeed, everything will be in our hands.

Today we have selected for you various ideas that can be made as a gift from paper, for all occasions. We have also prepared instructions for you on how to pack a gift beautifully. This will definitely come in handy.

How to pack a gift with wrapping paper

 For packaging, you will need

  • The gift is a box (how to make a box);
  • Wrapping paper;
  • Ribbons or threads (decor for decoration);
  • Scissors;
  • Scotch;
  • Glue

How to pack a gift with wrapping paper

  1. Cut the paper size you need;
  2. Place the gift box in the middle;
  3. Start folding paper, first wrap the long side, figure 2,3,4.
  4. Secure the paper with tape;
  5. Next, we pack the short sides, wrap the paper inward so that a triangle forms, Figure 5, 6;
  6. Carefully tuck the corners and fix the paper with adhesive tape 7,8,9.
  7. Do the same with the opposite side;
  8. Done

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Paper gifts

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New Year paper gifts

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Paper gifts

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