Paper application

аппликация из бумаги

Probably everyone made an application of paper at least once in their life. This is a favorite task of labor teachers. The child, doing the application, can show his imagination, creativity. And the truth in order to make a beautiful paper application does not need to be able to draw beautifully or understand complex schemes. It just needs fantasy and a couple of sheets of colored paper.

Paper applications can be offered not only to school children but also to younger children. Together with mom, you can fun to cut out the details of a poor papercraft. And at the same time, repeat the colors, shapes, and anything else depends on what you decide to do.

Volumetric application

You can make a complex craft with volumetric figures or, for example, with individual elements, you can make roses, we already told you how to make a beautiful rose out of paper. You can first make many individual roses, and then stick them on a sheet or wherever you need, you will also get a very beautiful application.


how to make an application from papers

Application – making a picture of glued or sewn onto something. pieces of colored paper, matter.

If you are just starting to introduce your child to the world of paper crafts, you can start with an applique. It will not take much time, your baby will not get tired, on the contrary, he will be interested and happy to get a new experience. If you still explain to him what you are doing, reveal what’s what. This, undoubtedly, will become your kid’s favorite pastime.

And if it seems to you that application is an activity only for kids, you are very mistaken. Paper is such a universal thing, it can be used for almost all design needs. You just need to go to the store with a large selection of needlework paper. We assure you, you will be stuck there for hours until you review all possible options.

How is paper made step by step

Everything is simple if you want to refresh the design of your apartment, but are not ready yet to spend a lot of money. Just add paper decor, it can be applications from flowers, paper applications from volumetric elements, if you add a garland, your papercraft will look absolutely magical at all.

What kind of paper is better to use for application

It all depends on what type of application you will use paper. If these are roses, then the corrugated paper will look beautiful. And for example, for applique with a starry sky, take the shiny gold paper. For the base for the application, take thick cardboard, so that your papercraft looks beautiful.

In our article, you will find many examples of how to make a beautiful application with your own hands. We picked up interesting application ideas for both children and adults. And it’s even more fun to make paper applications together.

Simple paper application for children

children's applique patterns

One of the simplest and most colorful types of papercrafts. All just cut the blanks, it can be animals, flowers, fish, anything. After you have prepared the blanks, they will just stick to the base.

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Volumetric paper application

What you need to make this applique;

  • Colored paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Stencil;
  • Cardboard base for applique.

paper craft applique paper pictures

Start production

  1. Prepare the blanks, cut the elements on the stencil with different colors of paper.
    Blank preparation
  2. Bend and glue all cut blanks.
    We collect the application
  3. Stick blanks to the base.

do-it-yourself paper pictures

Application of animals

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To make this applique, you need to cut many thin strips of different colors. When all the blanks are ready, you just need to stick them on the base. Bend the stripes in half in loops, so your craft will look voluminous.

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Applique for girls butterflies

paper crafts for children

This papercraft is very easy to do. It is necessary to cut blanks from the paper on a stencil, butterflies of different sizes. And stick them on the base

arts and crafts for children's church make out of papermake flowers out of paper

Application of flowers

How do I make paper flowers

Such applications look very beautiful, you can put the finished work in a frame and it will certainly decorate your home. What needs to be done.

How make a paper rose step by step

  1. Cut blanks of petals of different sizes and colors;
  2. Compose on paper for the basics what your future work will look like;
  3. Now glue all the elements;
  4. Done.

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Custom paper application

crafts for children from paper

Such an application can be used for decorating rooms, also in order to diversify the photoshoot. Such a decoration, made by one’s own hands, looks very beautiful and bright. And most importantly, you can apply it wherever you want. You can also use this kind of work for beautiful photos on the social network.

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Postcards from paper with applique

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Paper application

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