Paper and cardboard models: the basics and subtleties of working with crafts

модели из бумаги

Paper and cardboard are not just office supplies. This is the basis for creating a wide variety of crafts – from primitive airplanes and ships, to machine guns, trucks, jeeps and spaceships. Ready-made inventions can be used as souvenirs, toys for children, gifts, interior decoration, etc.

Paper models

You can create high-quality models from plain paper for printing with a density of 80 g / m2. It is advisable to give preference to white sheets, but not required. For gluing the parts, silicate glue or ordinary PVA is suitable. It’s worth taking care of the tools. This includes a ruler, pencil, scissors, compasses, eraser, stationery knife.
Paper models are of varying complexity. A huge number of them with a step-by-step description are presented on the available sources. For the first job, it is better to choose something simple that does not require complex calculations. It can be a tulip, a herringbone, a dove, a swan, a box, a glass. As you gain experience, you can move on to more complex crafts, including buildings, vehicles, prototypes of clock mechanisms and engines, robots, etc.

Cardboard models

Cardboard is heavier and stiffer paper. Working with her is somewhat more difficult. But the finished models are more stable and durable. Craftsmen often use special photo paper, one- and two-sided colored cardboard, corrugated cardboard – it all depends on the chosen project and design idea.
Thanks to the rigidity and stability of thick paper, you can create functional items. For beginners, you can try to make a box, spinner, boat, boat. A professional will cope with the creation of a table toy “ball lift”, a wheel for a hamster and even pieces of furniture in a few hours. Such crafts are made with pleasure by both small children and adults.

Paper sweeps

Modeling from paper and cardboard is a rather difficult and painstaking job. It is impossible to repeat the model just by seeing its image. The easiest way to work is with sweeps. These are kind of blanks that can be printed on a printer for subsequent cutting, gluing, joining, bending.
Typically, the sweeps are supplemented with step-by-step instructions, which greatly simplifies the wizard’s tasks. He only needs to strictly follow the directions. Most often, blanks are provided for such complex handicrafts as special equipment, motors and engines, clock mechanisms, etc. This is not an easy task that only a master can quickly master.

How to make a paper model

It is very simple to make such a craft. If you just chose to print the finished version, then you just need to choose a suitable picture, cut and glue the model. You can also draw the model yourself. This is a fun and exciting activity for both children and adults.

Layouts for printing paper models

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