How to make shuriken from paper?

Как сделать сюрикет из бумаги

Shuriken is a Japanese hidden-carrying throwing weapon. Ancient Japanese ninja warriors used it to injure and disorient an opponent. Shuriken has always been part of the main ninja arsenal, mostly a sword or spear, and of course shuriken. They deftly threw them at their rivals and sometimes the shurikens played a very important role in the battle.

We will plunge into the history

We will plunge into the history of the creation and use of shuriken. How did the idea to create a weapon in the form of a four-pointed star come about? Samurai invented it. At first they just started to sharpen knives and blades from two sides and threw them at the enemy. And then, when they evaluated the effectiveness of such weapons, they added more blades to make a star, so they flew better and brought more damage to the enemy. Shuriken also has the second name shaken (a blade hidden in the hand).

Such shurikens were usually hidden in a sleeve in a special pocket. The fastest and most agile ninja in a second could get a shuriken from its sleeve and throw it at its enemy. Moreover, depending on the applied force, a shuriken could fly almost 16 meters and cut through the armor.

There were various techniques for throwing this weapon, with or without rotations, with what force it is necessary to launch a shuriken so that it. Would not just fly to the opponent, but also wound him, and the important question is how much he wounded.

How wonderful that we live in the modern world and we do not need to use shuriken as weapons. But to fold it out of paper will be very entertaining.

From our article you will learn how to make shureken from paper, we have selected for you a lot of photos and videos, with which you can make your own shuriken and feel like a ninja. They are safe and suitable for children’s games. We will make our paper origami weapons. Such a shuriken is very simple to make, even a child will cope with it.

Four-pointed shuriken origami diagram

It is very simple to make such a star out of paper, in order to make your shuriken more colorful, you can use multi-colored paper.

What do we need

  • One square sheet of paper, if you want a multi-colored shuriken, take two square sheets of paper of different colors.
  • Scissors

How to make shuriken from paper

Let’s get to work

  1. Take one square sheet of paper, and bend it in half (Figure 1);
  2. Now you know where the middle of the square is, bend the upper and lower corners to the middle (Fig2);
  3. You have a rectangle; now we need to cut our sheet in the middle (along the fold line from step 1) to get two strips tucked in half;
  4. In front of us are two bands, as in Figure 3. Now we are working with one, bend the lower right corner up and the upper left corner down (Figure 3);
  5. Next, we need to bend our strip, as shown in Figure 4. The upper right corner is down so that our bent triangle looks out from the other side, the lower left corner is up so that the triangle looks out from above;
  6. One part of the shuriken is ready;
  7. Proceed to the second rectangular strip. We need to follow the same steps as with the first strip, but we will bend it in the opposite direction;
  8. Repeat the movement in Figure 5. Bend the upper right corner down and the lower left corner up. Next, we make the same movement as in step 5. We bend the upper left corner down so that the triangle looks out, the lower right corner up so that the triangle looks out;
  9. Now we have two parts of shuriken, and we need to connect them (Fig. 6);
  10. We put one part of the shuriken on the second, call them part 1 (the one that lies below) and part 2 (the one that lies above). We need to make our star and fix it well. Grasp the upper left corner of the lower part 1 (the one that lies below), we need to hide it in a pocket in the upper part 2. We do the same with the lower right corner (Fig. 7);
  11. Now we need to fix the other part of the shuriken (part 2). We turn the figure over and perform the same movements as in step 10, only now for part 2 (Fig. 9);
  12. Done.

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More paper manufacturing schemes for shurikens

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How to make shuriken from paper?

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