How to make claws (claw) from paper?

Как сделать когти из бумаги

In our article, we will consider several schemes for making claws from paper. If you want to say what to make claws out of paper, this is a waste of time. I’ll argue with you. How often have you racked your brains in trying to come up with an original halloween costume, costume corporate party, or children’s party. And you don’t always want to be a bunny, a princess, a musketeer and a pirate. And the claws will become an indispensable foundation, a frightening image, and besides, such claws can be made with your own hands, and if you take a little more time and decorate them, or make it from some kind of original, colorful paper. You will become the star of the evening.

Creative photo shoots are also very popular right now. And such claws will only complement your image, you do not need to spend a lot on them, a couple of sheets of paper half an hour of your time and you’re done.

Paper crafts for boys

Also, such paper crafts will captivate children, especially boys. It’s not difficult to make them, it’s enough just to get acquainted with the schemes, or watch a video, and you have ready-made claws. It will be interesting to play with them, and if you can try to grab small objects with such claws, it is very fun and exciting. This is a great game, for example, for a children’s holiday, children can first make 10 claws for themselves, and then the leader will be able to determine who got the best. And then you can pretend to be dinosaurs and anything else, as long as there is enough imagination, from the animators of the holiday. Children will surely remember this day and will remember for a long time about a good pastime.

In general, paper crafts, this is a very useful activity for children and adults. And if you do something together, even claws made of paper, it makes you very close, time flies behind such an occupation.

Well, let’s go over making paper claws

A4 paper claws

If you want to make claws on all 10 fingers you will need 10 sheets of A4 paper. Let’s get to our claws.

How do you make origami claws

  1. Lay the sheet of paper in front of you with the short side. Fold up the bottom right corner parallel to the sheet, as shown in Figure 1;
  2. We need to make a square, bend a sheet of paper in the same way as shown in the picture (Fig. 2). We bend the bottom corner up, and the protruding right side, so that we get a square;
  3. Before us is a square, we need to fold it into a triangle. The upper right corner, connect with the lower left, we get a triangle (Fig. 3);
  4. Fold up the lower right corner of the triangle as shown in the picture (Fig. 4);
  5. We continue to fold the paper as if in a tube (Figure 5.6);
  6. We still have not a big tail, tuck it into the resulting pocket (Fig. 7);
  7. The claw is almost ready it remains only to straighten it. In our folded claw there is a protruding part a small triangle on top, open it and align it so that your finger fits in this pocket (Fig. 8).

How do you make a  claws (claw) from paper

Examples of what are claws made of paper

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How to make claws (claw) from paper?

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