How to make an envelope out of paper?

Как сделать конверт из бумаги

Today the topic of our article is how to make an envelope out of paper. Stationery stores are full of a variety of postcards, envelopes. They bright attract attention, but there are thousands of them in the market. And manual work is always more appreciated. A handmade envelope can be made from unusual paper. Now you can find simply incredible materials, from majestic velvet envelopes to weightless sawn from tracing pape

Plunge into history

How did the idea to put letters in envelopes
The first postal envelope was invented in 1820 in England. Mr. Brever from Brighton, a paper merchant, was displaying his shop window. He presented to the public a variety of types of paper for letters, from standard to very small in size with a business card. It was small leaves that sunk into the souls of the townspeople, and writing letters on such notes became a good form. But since these leaves are very small and there was no place where you can write the address. It was then that the first envelopes appeared. And then the story of the envelope developed already in a different direction. They began to use them for privacy.

Now in the era of emails, of course regular mail envelopes are not very relevant. But for some situations, an envelope is not an interchangeable thing. For example, this is an invitation to a wedding, birthday, corporate party or other very important event. And just then the ability to make a high-quality, neat envelope will be very useful to you.

how to make envelope

Envelopes are different

A variety of materials just rolls over, you can do everything for which you have enough desire and imagination. You can make an envelope out of thick cardboard and add it with a weightless silk ribbon, and it just looks incredible with a sealing wax. And how nice it is to receive such an envelope, you immediately feel how much warmth, care and effort was put into this letter.

How to make an envelope out of paper

Designers of printing products themselves do not neglect this not tricky task to do envelopes manually. Yes, now it is not difficult to order an envelope in the printing industry, but there they can only cut and group them. But the delicate design work is often performed by the hands of the master. The envelope can be supplemented with feathers, printing, now even decorate envelopes with fresh flowers, it looks incredibly gentle. In general, you can come up with whatever your heart desires.

How do you make an envelope out of paper?

Envelopes come in different shapes, not just standard rectangular envelopes that we are all used to. There are square, oblong very small or vice versa huge. And in our article we will tell you how to make a beautiful envelope with your own hands.

Plain Rectangular Envelope

What size envelope fits a half sheet of paper?

  1. Place A4 sheet with the long side facing you and cut off unnecessary parts of the sheet, as shown by the dashed lines in Figure A;
  2. For convenience, take the card that you want to place in the envelope and place it in the middle of the sheet (Figure B);
  3. Bend the edges of the sheet according to the postcard (Figure B);
  4. Glue the envelope figure D;
  5. Done.

How do I make a cover letter

Envelope with a decorative element

How do I address an envelope

  1. Take a square sheet of paper, bend it in half (Figure 1);
  2. Bend the top corner of one side down (Figure 2);
  3. Bend the lower right corner upwards, to the fold line (Figure 3);
  4. Repeat the same actions with a different angle (Figure 4);
  5. The envelope is almost ready, it remains only to make a decorative element. Determine where you have the middle of the envelope, you need to bend the corner and straighten it to make a rhombus (Figure 5,6,7);
  6. Now you need to close our envelope, bend the upper corner and fill it into a rhombus (Figure 8);
  7. Done.

How do you make a pocket out of paper

Paper envelope

What size envelopes can you mail

In order to make this envelope we need to prepare a little. First you need to find or think for yourself what envelope you would like, size size. Then we find or draw a contour of a poor envelope suitable for us. We can only cut and glue the workpiece carefully.

What is the most common envelope size What are common envelope sizes

Envelope heart

What size is Envelope b5

  1. Take a square sheet of paper, bend it in half on both sides. We need to find out where the middle of our figure is (Figure 1);
  2. In front of you is a rhombus, bend the upper corner of the sheet to the center (Figure 2);
  3. Fold a piece of paper as shown in Figure 3;
  4. Bend up the lower corner of the rhombus to the upper intersection point (Figure 4);
  5. Fold the sheet as shown in Figure 5;
  6. Return to starting position figure 6;
  7. Bend the left and right angles to the intersection lines as shown in Figure 7;
  8. Bend the upper corner first and overlap the lower corner with Figure 8;
  9. Fold the sheet as shown in Figure 9;
  10. You have an almost ready heart, it remains only to tuck in the unnecessary corners (Figure 10);
  11. Done

Can you mail homemade envelopes

Handmade Envelope Examples

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How to make an envelope out of paper?

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