How to make a valentines day card do it yourself on February 14 Valentine’s day?

Как сделать из бумаги валентинку

Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday. On this day, we confess our beloved halves in our feelings. We give them gifts, flowers, and postcards. It’s great if you do it without reason, but February 14th is a legitimate celebration of love. The day when excited men rush for flowers to the nearest store because February 14th is always a surprise)). The day when all the places in the cafe are occupied by couples in love. And the faint smell of spring, which will soon come, smells fragrant in the air.

February 14 holiday story

There are many theories, but one of the most romantic tells us that back in 269 A.D. the Roman emperor Claudius II forbade men to marry during military service. But one priest, Valentine, disobeyed the order and secretly married the lovers. When the emperor found out about this, he ordered the execution of a young priest. In prison, Valentine fell in love with a blind girl and healed her. When the day of execution came, the priest left a farewell letter to his beloved, and signed it “your Valentine”. From here came the tradition of giving Valentine’s love letters.

Today in our article we will tell you how to make a beautiful valentine out of paper with your own hands. We have selected a lot of modern ideas and instructions for you. Your soulmate will definitely like this handmade paper card.

After all, on February 14th it’s customary to talk about your love, tenderness, and feelings. What could be more emotional than a handmade gift? Such paper valentines are much more pleasant to give and receive. You put so much tenderness into making one small postcard. I want to keep such a gift for years.

Valentine’s day card

Making a card for Valentine’s Day is not at all difficult, and it does not take as much time as it seems. Moreover, fortunately for needlewomen, minimalism is gaining popularity. It is better to use different types of paper, so your craft will look more interesting.

Crafts from paper, handmade cards, this is a wonderful gift. And to make such a present is not at all difficult from improvised materials, everyone in the house has a couple of sheets of paper, scissors and glue. And if you are a true esthete then you know what variety of materials for needlework is now presented in stores and on the Internet. This is corrugated paper, and shiny and matte, in a word which your soul wants even more. All that would make the best card for Valentine’s Day.

We are all used to receiving and giving heart-shaped cards on February 14th. This is very romantic, but you should not focus only on the shape of the heart. You can also make a rectangular card, single-sided or as a booklet. Modern designers strive to remove all unnecessary, leaving only the necessary elements. And how elegant it looks just white cards, with some bright, not a big accent. We tried to collect for you a lot of interesting ideas that you can apply to your paper card.

Instructions on how to make a Valentine for Valentine’s Day.

Simple paper valentine

Simple paper valentine stencil valentine day cards handmade How to make a valentines day card do it yourself on February 14 Valentine's day Instructions on how to make a Valentine for Valentine's Day Simple paper valentine stencil

To make a Valentine card is very simple, you can cut it on a stencil and sign it. You can choose one of the stencils presented on our website. Or draw the heart itself on paper and cut it out. You can also decorate your card.

Volumetric Valentine Heart

Volumetric Valentine HeartVolumetric Valentine Heart instructions

To make such a card, you will need a couple of sheets of colored red paper.

  1. Take a square sheet of paper, bend it in half (Figure 1);
  2. Connect the upper left and right corners in the middle (Figure 2,3,4);
  3. Bend the corners of the resulting figure up as shown in Figure 6 and return Figure 7 to its original position;
  4. Connect the left and right corner of the triangle in the middle (Figure 8);
  5. Spread the corners of the figure as shown in figure 9,10,11,12;
  6. Your heart is almost ready, you just have to make a characteristic notch Figure 13, 14;
  7. Done.

Valentine’s day card

To make this card you will need

  • One A4 sheet of cardboard that you like;
  • A sheet of red and white-colored paper;
  • Black marker;
  • Scissors;
  • Ruler;
  • Glue;

Valentine's day card

Making the basics of postcards

1. Take a thick sheet of paper and bend it in half. Making decor.

  1. Cut out 4 hearts from red-colored paper.
  2. Bend the heart blanks in half;
  3. Cut the clouds out of white paper

2. Collecting a postcard

  1. Glue the clouds on the main page;
  2. Glue the hearts on the title part as shown in the figure;
  3. Draw the missing elements on the card.

3. Done, it remains only to sign the card.

Valentine's day card do it yourself

DIY wicker paper valentine

DIY wicker paper valentine DIY wicker paper valentine instructions

It’s not difficult to make such a Valentine. You can use it yourself or decorate a postcard with it. You need to cut such blanks from paper as shown.

  1. Take a sheet of colored paper, bend it in half;
  2. Cut a rectangle from the folded paper and make rounded edges on the opposite side of the fold;
  3. Make two blanks and cut them as shown in the figure;
  4. Now you have to weave your blanks;
  5. Done.

   Valentine heart with wings

Valentine heart with wings

  1. Take a square sheet of paper, bend it in half, and fold the bottom edge to the center;
  2. Turn the figure over and bend the left and right upper corners to the center (Figure 2);
  3. Spread the figure (Figure 3.4);
  4. Repeat actions with the figure as shown in Figure 4.6;
  5. Now we begin to make wings, bend the protruding part with an accordion, Figure 7.8;
  6. Let’s make a characteristic heart shape, Figure 9;
  7. Done.

Valentine heart with wings instructions

Schemes how to make valentines with your own hands

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How to make a valentines day card do it yourself on February 14 Valentine’s day?

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  1. I like such articles very much. Immediately inspire creativity, making a postcard so simple, but donating one that is made by yourself in double is more pleasant. That, of course, is nice to receive, you immediately understand that a gift with a soul 💡 💡 💡 😉

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