Tulip from paper

How to make a tulip from paper

Today we’ll tell you how to make a paper tulip. Let’s take a look at some simple schemes that even a baby can handle. We have selected for you several different instructions, these are tulips made in origami technique, and a simple applique of paper, for every taste and need.

how to make a tulip out of paper

It is safe to say that every girl loves to receive flowers as a gift. And even those who are fiercely unwilling to admit it, will not be shaken by a delicate bouquet of flowers. In the era of modern diversity, it can be bouquets of noble roses, delicate daisies or chrysanthemums, such spring tulips.

It is now 100% unlikely when a man first gave flowers to a woman, but this tradition is very firmly rooted in our lives. Now, no holiday is complete without beautiful flowers. There is even a language of flowers, and anything.

A few theories when it came to tradition to give flowers

There is a biblical theory that says. When Adam and Eve lived in beautiful Paradise, they were surrounded by incredibly beautiful flowers. When they succumbed to sin, they were banished from Paradise to Earth. Eve was constantly upset, she missed the incredible garden. Then Adam decided to return the smile of his beloved and began to look for flowers on Earth to dispel the sadness of his beloved. And when he still found the lawn with flowers, he collected a bouquet as a gift for Eve. And since then, it is customary to give women flowers.

Flowers were also given in recognition of the actress’ talent. According to this theory, the first women to receive flowers were talented actresses. Spectators in gratitude and admiration began to present the actress with flowers. And later, flowers began to be given to all women.

Fresh flowers are great, but sad to see after a couple of days, these once-fresh flowers start to fade. We try to do our best to extend their lives as long as possible, but unfortunately this is not possible. To avoid such an unpleasant effect on your gift, you can gift flowers made with paper made with your own hands.

how to make a 3d tulip out of paper

We already discussed how to make a rose from paper with your own hands, in the previous article (How to make rose paper?) Today, the main topic of our article is how to make tulips from paper, you can make a single flower and a bouquet. Paper flower bouquets with candy look very nice, it is twice as pleasant to give this gift.

Origami paper tulip

Origami paper tulip

  1. To make an origami tulip, we need one square sheet of paper;
  2. Fold it in half on each side as shown in Figure 2;
  3. Now we need to fold the letter into a triangle. Fold the square in half, connect the left and right angles inside, as shown in Figure 3;
  4. Before you the triangle, you need to bend the corners upwards Figure 4;
  5. The same should be done on the other side of Figure 5;
  6. Fold one side of the diamond as shown in Figure 5, 6;
  7. Connect the right and left corner of the diamond in the middle of Figure 7.8;
  8. Turn the figure over and repeat the same movements as Figure 8.9;
  9. Straighten your flower Figure 9;
  10. Bend the petals to make the flower look more beautiful;
  11. Done.

A simple tulip

You will need two sheets of colored paper in red and green.

A simple tulip

  1. Take a square sheet of colored red paper, fold it into the triangle, figure 2;
  2. Fold the triangle in half, and turn it back, so we learned where the middle of the triangle is;
  3. Fold the right and left corner as shown in Figure 3;
  4. Fold the bottom sharp corner upwards, figure 4,5;
  5. The flower is ready, now we will make a leaf;
  6. Take a square sheet of colored green paper, place it in front of a diamond and bend in half to find out where the middle is, figure 1;
  7. Fold center right and left corner, figure 2;
  8. Fold the figure in half, bend the ponytail up as shown in Figure 3;
  9. You are ready to connect the leaf and flower, you can glue them.

Tulip made of paper with his hands

To make such a tulip, you will need:

  • colored paper in red, green, yellow and black;
  • wooden stick;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

Tulip made of paper with his hands

  1. We need to make blanks, cut out of paper flowers of two different sizes larger and smaller and flower averages, as shown in Figure 1;
  2. Glue everything together, figure 2,3;
  3. When the small flower is ready to place the workpiece over the top and stack the petals on top of each other, fold the flower, so that the flower is well-shaped;
  4. The flower is ready to make only a couple of leaves of colored green paper, and collect the whole flower together;
  5. Done.

Corrugated paper tulip

To make this flower you will need:

  • corrugated paper;
  • wire, green insulating tape, or tape;
  • we can still use candy foam balls;
  • glue.

Corrugated paper tulip

  1. To begin with, you need to cut the petals from the corrugated paper, the more petals in one flower, the lush the wine will be.
  2. When the petals are ready, connect the wire and foam ball using glue or insulation tape;
  3. On a finished basis as if we wound the petals;
  4. When you have attached all the petals, fasten them together with glue or insulation tape;
  5. Done.

how to make a tulip out of paper easy how to make a tulip out of construction paper how to make a tulip flower out of paper

Paper tulips applique

To make this product you will need:

Paper tulips applique

  • sheets of multicolored paper;
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • glue.
  1. Make blanks, cut out all the necessary paper petals for flowers, green leaves and stem.
  2. For 1 tulip flower, we will need 6 blanks (in a similar technique, balls of paper from our previous article are made);
  3. For 1 workpiece you need to cut a square leaf, bend it in half and all you need to cut out of the square the shape you need. Do not cut the bend line.
  4. Next, cut the remaining 5 blanks;
  5. Now you need to glue the workpieces together, join the workpieces in turn gluing them together;
  6. We got a kind of accordion, stick the first and last workpiece to the cardboard.

Paper module tulip

Paper module tulip how to make a poinsettia flower out of paper

Several other types of tulip and paper can be made

Several other types of tulip and paper can be made tulip from origami paper tulip origami paper size how to make a paper tulip flower craft

Tulip from paper

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