How to make a tank of paper?

Как сделать танк из бумаги

Today we will tell you how to make a paper tank with your own hands. Tanks, planes, boats, this is absolutely boyish fun. Now there are a lot of various toys. Hundreds of tank models can be found on store shelves. They are made of different materials, this is plastic, wood, metal and anything else. For every taste and budget.

Make paper crafts together

But how nice it is for a child to make a toy with his own hands. Playing with such a craft is not only interesting, but also very useful. Crafts made of paper, develop a child’s imagination, fine motor skills, quick wit, attention. And for adults, paper crafts bring no less benefit than a baby. We communicate with the child, spend time together and as they say, let the whole world stop.

In today’s world, everyone is in a hurry somewhere, as if life is accelerating. But how important it is sometimes to stop, to take time for relatives and friends. Especially for our children, because they grow so fast. And to make paper crafts is so simple, but for this you will receive not fake children’s gratitude.

How to make a tank of paper

Crafts from paper is simple and interesting

Tanks, planes, boats, it’s all so simple, you can do this craft in less than 5 minutes. And if you heard somewhere that origami is difficult, then this person was clearly wrong. Yes, there are incredible paper models, but we are not talking about them right now. Although, when you pass, our course is a young fighter, you yourself will want to make the craft harder and harder. On our site, you can find many different schemes and instructions for paper crafts, from elementary to more complex.

how to make a tank out of paper

In our article, we will analyze several schemes for making a paper tank with our own hands. We have selected the most interesting and entertaining schemes and videos for you. After reviewing which, you are 100% likely to be able to make a tank with your own hands, without training or special training)).

how to make a tank out of paper that shoots

The scheme of how to make a tank of paper

how to make a tank out of paper step by step

  1. You will need 1 A4 sheet;
  2. Bend it in half (Figure 2);
  3. Bend the upper right corner to the edge (Figure 3);
  4. Repeat the same actions with the other left corner (Figure 4);
  5. Turn your figure over and do the same movements with the other side (Figure 5);
  6. Before you is a figure, as if with two conditional crosses, you clearly see the middle where the diagonals intersect. Bend the edges so that the fold line passes through the center of intersection of the diagonals (Figure 6);
  7. We need to fold the triangle. It will be easy for you to do this along the planned lines (Figure 7);
  8. Fold the triangles on both sides to form pockets;
  9. Bend one side of the figure to the center (Figure 9);
  10. Fold up the resulting strip in half (Figure 10);
  11. Repeat the same movements with the other side (Figure 11);
  12. Expand the triangles (Figure 12);
  13. Bend the corners of the triangle up to the center (Figure 13);
  14. Turn your figure over (Figure 14);
  15. Fold your figure in half and secure with the tails obtained in the previous step (Figure 15);
  16. Fill the corners of the upper triangle inward (Figure 16);
  17. Our tank is almost ready (Figure 17);
  18. Make the barrel of our tank, twist the paper into a tube (Figure 18);
  19. All that remains for us is to assemble the figure of the barrel and the base of the tank (Figure 19);
  20. Done.

how to make a army tank out of paper

A few more schemes how to make a tank of paper with your own hands

how to make a world war 2 tank out of paper tank of paper

You can also make a tank of paper modules

make a tank of paper modules

How to make a tank of paper?

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