How to make a swan out of paper?

paper swan

Swans are beautiful birds, they are incredibly graceful, this delicate long neck is snow-white feathers. Probably each of us admired them at the pond or in the zoo, these birds are incredible, it is a pleasure to watch a large noble swan slowly dissecting the water surface. From early childhood, we heard about these magnificent birds, how many songs, stories are written about swan fidelity.

A bit about swan fidelity

A couple of years ago, an incredible story happened in France with a couple of beautiful swans who lived on a pond near the Bois de Boulogne. As we know swans, these are birds with a huge soul and a kind sensitive heart, they choose a pair for themselves once and for life.

And then one day a misfortune happened with a couple. One of the swans (female), almost died, and all because of female curiosity. She swallowed a brilliant fishing tackle, and it got stuck in her stomach. Spouse swan was not taken aback, he began to call for help. The fearless bird began to scream, attract people’s attention, he threw himself at the feet of passers-by, asking for help.

Fortunately, a policeman passed by that day; he did not ignore the cry of the bird. He followed the swan and when he saw the already exhausted female, he quickly realized what the problem was. The policeman took both birds to the veterinarian, on the way the swan no longer screamed, he understood that people would help his wife. This story ended well the bird saved pulled the ill-fated fishing tackle from the stomach. And the story of these faithful loving birds will live forever.

In our article, we will tell you how to make a swan with your own hands out of paper. We will consider different techniques from quick and easy crafts to more complex modular techniques.

  Simple paper swan

The outline of this craft is very simple. All we need is one square sheet of paper. So, let’s begin!

  Simple paper swan

  1. Fold your leaf in half, so we find out where the middle is.
  2. Lay the sheet with an acute angle towards you so that there is a rhombus in front of you. Bottom of the rhombus to the middle, as shown in Figure 2.
  3. Bend up the corners of the resulting figure (Figure 3).
  4. Figure in half (Figure 4)
  5. Now let’s make the swan’s neck. Fold up the left acute angle of the triangle (Fig. 5);
  6. Make a head, bend down, the upper acute angle (Fig. 6);
  7. It remains to do a few little things. Make a small beak and ponytail (Figure 7).
  8. Done!

How to make a swan from modules?

The modular origami technique is very interesting and not ordinary, from the modules you can collect not only a swan, but anything you want, for which you have enough imagination and inspiration. The Chinese were the first to use such an origami technique and then it came to us.

All you need to learn is how one module is made and understand the technique of collecting the figures. If this direction of origami is not familiar to you, you can easily start with a swan. Having made it, you can easily apply the knowledge gained in the manufacture of other figures.

How to make one module

Well, first, let’s figure out how to make a module. We will add the module from a small rectangle of 37 × 53 mm or 53 × 74 mm. It is not necessary to measure by millimeters. You can just take an A4 sheet and fold it as shown in the diagram, so you can easily get a lot of rectangles, and do not spend a lot of time measuring. You can also use square leaves for notes that are sold at any stationery store.

How to make one module a4 make one module a4

Let’s figure out how to make one module

Let's figure out how to make one module How to make a swan out of paper swan made of paper triangles swan made from paper origami how to fold a swan from paper modular origami modular origami instructions modular origami

  1. Bend the rectangle in half;
  2. To find out where the middle is, fold the resulting figure in two as shown in Figure 2;
  3. Bend the upper right and upper left corners of the rectangle toward the center to make a triangle;
  4. Flip your figure;
  5. Fold the lower right corner of the protruding figure up, do the same with the lower left corner;
  6. Now bend up the entire protruding part;
  7. Bend the figure in half, connect the right corner with the left, without turning the figure over;
  8. You have a ready-made module.

Now let’s start assembling the swan

Now let's start assembling the swan

To create a colored swan, we will need many modules of different colors.

  • 1 – bright red;
  • 13 – pink;
  • 90 – orange;
  • 60 – yellow;
  • 78 – green;
  • 39 – blue;
  • 36 – blue;
  • 19 – purple.

When all the modules are ready, we begin to assemble our paper craft.

  1. We will figure out how to fasten our modules without glue. Take two modules, place them side by side with sharp corners at the top (Fig. 9);
  2. Take the third module with an acute angle down (fig10);
  3. There are pockets in the module; insert the corners of the modules into the pockets (Fig. 11);
  4. Continue connecting the modules. The bottom row should consist of 30 modules (Fig. 12);
  5. Continue to assemble the figure; each row should consist of 30 modules (Fig. 13,14,15);
  6. Now we need to turn the figure over and make it more voluminous. With our hands we straighten our figure a little to form a bowl (Fig. 16);
  7. We continue to collect the figure, add new colors each row as before, consists of 30 modules (Fig. 17.18);
  8. Starting from the seventh row, we begin to make swan wings. We need to choose a place where the neck and tail will be. We miss one pair of corners; they should be from two neighboring modules. Now add 12 modules on one side of the neck and on the other, there should be 24 modules in the seventh row. At the back, free space should also form; this will be the tail (Fig. 19);
  9. Continue to gather the wings of your swan, leaving 1 free corner on each side. Then each row will be reduced by 1 module (rice 20,21,22,23);
  10. Gradually, you will collect the wings, removing 1 module. Now we’ll make a small tail, according to the same principle as the wings (Fig. 24);
  11. Now we make an elegant swan neck, just put on the modules one on one (Fig. 25,26,27);
  12. Using the same principle, we will make a stand out of a larger circle and a smaller circle. In a large circle of 40 modules, in a small 36 (Fig. 28);
  13. Done!).

how to make a swan out of paper triangles how to make a swan out of paper easy

More examples of how to make a swan out of paper

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How to make a swan out of paper?

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