How to make a snake out of paper?

Как сделать из бумаги змей

The topic of our article today is how to make a snake out of paper. Many children and adults are afraid of snakes. But our kites are not scary at all. We picked up a lot of interesting ideas for you how to make a snake out of paper.

Making a snake

Making a snake out of paper is quite simple, all the techniques we have proposed are simple and even a child can handle them. You can make your paper craft multicolored and fun. You can use colored paper to make your snake bright and beautiful, or you can make it out of a regular A4 white sheet and then color it as you like.

How to make a snake out of paper

For children, we propose to make simple crafts, they are more like multi-colored worms, you can make a lot of such snakes. They are very simple to manufacture, you will spend no more than a couple of minutes on one snake. But the result will surprise you. For older children and adults, we propose to make a cobra out of paper. It is made in the origami technique and for its manufacture you will need a little skill.

Simple paper snake

how to make a snake out of paper mache

All you need to make this snake is one sheet of colored paper. On the leaf, we draw the contours of our snake, just draw a spiral. Next, we can only cut out the snake along the intended contour, and draw eyes for it.

how to make a real snake folding paper snake

Accordion snake

paper snake origami

To make this craft, you will need two sheets of colored paper. It is better to use paper of different colors, so your craft will look brighter. All we need to do is take a leaf and fold it several times to make a long strip. You can do this, fold the leaf in half, then again in half and so on until you get a strip. Do the same with another piece of paper. Before you should be two strips, arrange them, as shown in Figure 7, bend the strips as if in a square, you should get an accordion.

Paper snake

how to make a paper snake dragon

  1. You will need a square sheet of paper, bend it in half on one side and the other, we need to do this to find out where the center of our square is. Place a sheet of paper with an acute angle in front of you to make a rhombus (Figure 1);
  2. Bend the upper and lower corners of the rhombus to the center (figure 2,3);
  3. Do it again (Figure 4);
  4. Flatten a sheet of paper and return it to its original position (Figure 5);
  5. Now it will be easier for us to make the snake even along the outlined lines. Fold up the bottom corner of the rhombus to the second division as shown in Figure 6;
  6. Bend the triangle with the accordion, figure 7.8;
  7. Repeat the same with the other side, finish the eyes;
  8. Done!)

paper snake template

Оrigami snake

how to make snake puppet with paper

  1. You will need a square sheet of paper. Place a sheet of paper at an acute angle to yourself to make a rhombus (Figure 1);
  2. You need to make an acute angle, connect in the middle the upper and lower parts of the figure (Figure 2);
  3. Continue to smooth the sheet in this way until you get the desired result (Figure 3,4,5);
  4. Now we need to make the head of a snake, bend up a small part of the figure as shown in Figure 6;
  5. Repeat the movement as in figure 7,8,9;
  6. The head is ready to make the body, It is necessary to bend the tail of the snake alternating now up and down (Figure 10,11,12);
  7. Draw the eyes and you’re done.

Paper Ring Snake

how to make snake with paper plate

For this craft, we need a sheet of colored paper, glue and scissors.

  1. Cut not long strips of colored paper;
  2. Now the finished strips need to be connected. Make the first ring and continue to fasten the strips together.
  3. When the snake is ready, draw her eyes and you can also cut the tongue out of red paper.
  4. Done)

how to make a snake out of paper mache

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