How to make a rose out of paper?

How to make a rose out of paper

Surely a rose, this is one of your favorite flowers, it certainly will not leave any girl indifferent. This beautiful flower is so exquisite and delicate, everyone knows its unique aroma. Fresh flowers are always beautiful and festive, but it is unbearable to bitterly watch them wither in a vase with flowers, and they have to be thrown away. We offer you an alternative, paper roses, of course, they will not be even with fresh flowers, but at the same time they will please you for more than one month or even a year.

A flower that is made with your own hands can be made not only for yourself, but also as a gift. Now on the Internet you can find many techniques and ideas on how to apply paper roses. For example, you can make a bouquet of paper flowers and complement it with sweets. Also now there are many videos on decorating the interior with paper flowers.

Photo zones from paper flowers

In the modern world, with the development of social networks, photozones from paper flowers of various sizes and colors, from gentle pastel compositions to bright red and even black elements of floral decoration, have become popular. Such a floral photo zone will not only fade and will have to be thrown away, it will serve you for more than one year, it can be reused as many times as you want yourself. And this is not at all difficult to do with your own hands. Such flowers look very beautiful, sometimes they are made very large and simply incredible.

All you need to work is glue, pencil, scissors and paper. And to make your flower look even more beautiful, you can use corrugated paper, special cardboard. If you catch fire with this idea, then an excellent flower can be made from an ordinary newspaper, and it will look no worse. A special charm will even appear in it, in our article there will be photos of similar works.

Origami paper flowers

Paper flowers can also be made using the origami technique. This is of course a completely different kind of crafts, but no less beautiful and romantic. Yes, yes it is romantic, such a flower can be folded from ordinary paper from a notebook. How nice to receive and give such unexpected gifts. And most importantly, you always know that a person has put his soul into this craft, this is the most important thing.

In our article, we will look at several schemes and different techniques on how to make roses and flowers from paper, as well as we have selected for you interesting videos that clearly show how to make a perfect flower from paper. Well, let’s get started.

Origami paper rose

how to make a rose out of paper easy

For our crafts, we need 1 piece of paper.

How do you fold a paper rose

  1. Take a square piece of paper (1)
  2. Connect the upper right corner to the lower left corner (2).
  3. Connect the upper left corner to the lower right (3)
  4. Return the sheet to its original position, and bend it in half (4)
  5. A rectangle lies in front of us, we need to grasp the upper corners and connect them together, as if to bend them inward (5)
  6. Before us is a triangle, bend the upper corners up to make a rhombus (6);
  7. Now we expand our rhombus (7);
  8. We need to bend our corners inward, as shown in the picture (9.10)
  9. We have a ready-made rhombus, and almost all the work has been done, it remains only to straighten our flower, beautifully bend the petals and add a leaf and a stem.
  10. Done.

Little rose

Little rose How do you fold a paper rose

The technique for making roses is so simple that even a child can handle it. All we need is to take colored, multi-colored paper. According to the scheme (a) draw a spiral, you can add more waves then the flower will be embossed. And just cut so that the flower can be inserted into the composition, wind the resulting spiral on a wooden skewer. When you twist the flower, you can periodically lubricate our petals with glue.

How do you make an easy origami flower

Big rose

For the manufacture of this flower, we need a little skill, but to make such a flower is not difficult.

What do we need

  • Petal patterns
  • A pair of sheets of colored double-sided paper.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Harvesting flower centers.

How do I make paper flowers

  1. We need blanks, search the Internet or come up with templates for the petals themselves, they must be of different sizes.
  2. Now take sheets of colored double-sided paper, and cut out the required number of petals of different sizes.
  3. Slightly cut the petals in the bottom middle, so it will be easier to stick to the base.
  4. Now we collect our flower, glue the finished petals to the sticky base from the largest to the smallest petals.
  5. We glue the prepared centerpiece of our flower.
  6. Ready to use, flowers as you want

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More patterns and ideas for creating paper roses

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Applications of paper flowers in decor

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How to make a rose out of paper?

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