How to make a plane out of paper?

How to make a plane out of paper

Today we will learn how to make a paper airplane. In my childhood, I knew only a couple of techniques for making airplanes. And to be honest, these were not the most successful models. Some of them absolutely did not fly, or soared in the air for very short time. Let’s see how this idea came about, to make paper airplanes.

First of all, the art of folding paper into shapes, that is, origami, first appeared in China. But with regard to the idea of ​​making airplanes out of paper, this is not at all fun for children. Since the 1930s, aircraft designers in test centers have conducted quite serious tests of the aerodynamic properties of paper airplane models. The American concern Lockheed Corporation was the first to begin testing aviation developments on paper copies of its liners. And only then this fascinating activity became fun for us.

What is a paper plane?

After all, if you think about what a paper plane is, it is a paper structure that can soar in the air. To make a really high-quality model that will fly long enough, you need some skill. After all, here it is necessary to take into account the primitive, but such important aerodynamic properties of a poor airplane. The optimal size, width, length, weight, even the pointedness of the bow of a flying ship. And all these very important parameters, we can check only on the experience of their use. We can combine different folding techniques, even the material matters, the lighter the paper, the longer the airplane will fly.

Why one plane flies well and another doesn’t

You asked yourself why one plane flies well, and the other, without having time to take off, falls down with a stone. And it would seem that everything was done the same way, according to the same scheme, from the same material. But everything can be simple, one side is a millimeter wider or the bend is not clear enough, and the whole center of gravity is shifted, during the flight the airplane will tilt more toward one side, and will not fly far. But the main characteristic of a good airplane is its flight range. How nice to watch a light hovering airplane, for which air is a native element, and it so slowly cuts through space, slowly landing.

We have selected for you several schemes for making a good airplane. From the simplest to the more complex. Following our instructions, you can easily make any airplane. And even come up with a new kind of crafts. Do not rush, carefully fold your leaf with the future airplane. Carefully bend a sheet of paper, try to correctly set the proportions of your figure, and everything will work out.

Your first paper airplane

If you are new to this tricky business, move from easy schemes to more complex ones. And you will see how origami captivates you, and paper crafts will become your favorite hobby, which you can proudly tell your friends about.

Let’s look at some simple schemes for creating paper airplanes.

how to make a paper plane easy

  1. For an airplane we need sheet A4;
  2. Lay A4 sheet with the short side in front of you;
  3. Fold the sheet in half;
  4. Fold the top corners to the center of the sheet at an angle of 45 degrees, they should fit snugly against each other.
  5. Turn your sheet over, and bend the figure across to where our folded corners end;
  6. Once again, align the upper corners;
  7. A triangle should form at the folded angles, it must be bent upward to fasten the wings of the future airplane;
  8. Now we add the figure that we have in half;
  9. Proceed to the wings, bend each side to the center;
  10. Now we are testing our finished airplane.

Even more paper airplane designs

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The use of paper airplanes in the decor and interior

The use of paper airplanes in the decor and interior small paper airplane drawing easy paper airplanes

How to make a plane out of paper?

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