How to make a hand out of paper?

Как сделать руку из бумаги фото

If you were looking for how to make a hand out of paper, you wandered to the right place. Today we will tell you how to make a hand out of paper. This is actually not at all difficult. You will need a couple of sheets of paper and 15 minutes of free time.

But where can you use a paper hand. Yes, a lot where, you can apply this paper craft as a decor for a theme party. After all, such a hand can be made more than one and put them around the room, you will not spend a lot of time and money on decorating the room.

How to make a hand out of paper

The Halloween holiday that has come to us is gaining popularity. First of all, because of bright traditions, when people dress up in different costumes and scare passers-by.

Halloween story

Even the ancient Celts celebrated this day more than 2000 years ago. In those days, people divided the genus into two parts, dark and light (winter and summer, respectively). And when the dark part changed to the light, people joyfully and cheerfully celebrated this event. These festivities were called Samhain.

You can also make a hand out of paper with your own hands, in order to distract yourself from everyday affairs. You can make such a paper hand with your child. After all, the boys are not interested in butterflies and hearts. But the hand, this is a completely different matter. Do not worry, she’s not at all scary, especially if the child does it himself. Of course, this is not a craft for the smallest, it is for older children. For school children.

Also, such a paper hand, which is a bit like the hand of a paper skeleton, is great for costumes. Make two hands right and left and attach them to the suit. You will get just a unique look.

Hand made of paper for a suit

We have selected several schemes for you how to make a hand out of paper. Try it and you will succeed. Crafts made of paper is a fun exciting, and most importantly useful hobby.

Simple hand made of paper

This is a very simple craft; all you need

  • couple of sheets of paper;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

All just cut the workpieces as shown in the figure and glue them. Your hand is ready

Hand made of origami paper

This paper hand is more complicated, be careful and accurate, use thinner paper, so it will be easier for you to make a paper hand.

Hand made of origami paper

  1.   Take a square sheet of paper, fold it in half on each side (Figure 1.2);
  2. You need to fold the sheet into a triangle. Before you square fold it in half (Figure 3);
  3. Fold your resulting rectangle into a triangle. Just connect the left and right corners of the rectangle inside the figure, you will get a triangle (Figure 4);
  4. Fold the triangle in half and put it back. We need this in order to find out where the middle of the triangle is (figure 5);
  5. Lay the triangle at an acute angle to you. Fold up the acute angle of the triangle to its base, cut in half and return it back (Figure 6).
  6. Now we know where the middle of the figure is. Bend up to the center an acute angle (Figure 7);
  7. Bend the base of the triangle to the center (Figure 8);
  8. That part of the figure that you bent in the previous stage, bend in half upward (Figure 9);
  9. Also bend in half a bent acute angle (Figure 10, 11);
  10. Turn the figure over, bend it, as shown in Figure 12, 13.14;
  11. You got a tube like in Figure 15;
  12. Flatten the tube and fold it in the same way as shown in Figure 18;
  13. A paper hand is almost ready, it remains to make all 5 fingers;
  14. When all the workpieces are ready, join out and bend as shown in Figure 21.
  15. Done

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How to make a hand out of paper?

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