How to make a cracker out of paper?

Схемы как сделать хлопушка из бумаги

Today, the main topic of our article is how to make a paper clapper. Crackers airplanes boats, this is absolutely boyish entertainment. And every young robber should at least once in his life try to make a paper clapper.

Paper, this is such a universal stationery element, on our site you will find many ways how to apply a sheet of paper in creativity. We have tried to find for you as many different schemes of paper crafts as possible. From complex origami to absolutely simple things that even the smallest can handle. After all, paper crafts are not only fun entertainment, children learn to be attentive, concentrate on a laborious task and, of course, enjoy working with their hands.

Paper clapper is fun

A paper clapper is significantly different from what we usually offer our readers. A clapperboard is not only fun, if you make a clapperboard with your child, you can explain to him why a simple piece of paper folded several times according to a certain pattern makes clapping sounds. And everything is simple when folding, we get small pockets, and with a sharp movement of the hand, our pocket is filled with air, but the pocket cannot fully open, due to the structure of the cracker and we get a popping sound.

Now let’s talk about paper, of course, you can use any that you have. But checking experimentally different designs and materials. We concluded that a sheet from the most ordinary notebook would be perfect for a cracker. The notebook sheet is moderately thin and light, the clapper claps perfectly and does not tear. The experiments with album sheets also ended successfully, but due to the fact that they are quite thick, you need to make a lot more effort to make the cracker work.

We have selected for you two ideal ways to make a paper clapper. It is so simple in just a couple of minutes and you have a ready cracker.

Simple paper clapper

How do you make a paper sound

  1. In front of you is a sheet of paper, fold the corners of the sheet with a house toward the center of Figure 1.
  2. Fold the figure in half to make a trapezoid Figure 2;
  3. Now we are bored with bending the corners of the trapezoid to the center of Figure 3;
  4. Before you rhombus bend it in half to form a pocket figure 4,5;
  5. Done!

   Double paper clapper

How do you make a paper banger

  1. Before you is a rectangular sheet of paper, fold the corners of your sheet with a house, as shown in Figure 1;
  2. Fold the sheet in half Figure 2;
  3. Here is a figure, the corners of which must be hidden inward, first on one side, then on the other, figure 3, 4, 5;
  4. Before us is a finished rhombus, it needs to be bent in half to make a triangle Figure 6;
  5. Our cracker is ready.
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