How to make a boat out of paper?

Will a paper boat float on water

Paper boats, this is the main entertainment in the fall and spring, when the weather is not the most pleasant, puddles, a little cool. Only a cheerful multi-colored boat can fix gray everyday life, and decorate everything around. Many of us organized competitions, whose boat sailed further, then in a small puddle we created such a current that any clumsy steamer turned into a motor boat. And if your boat was still on the water along with passengers, then this is just aerobatics shipbuilding.

To make a boat out of paper, you do not need to be an origami master, it is quite simple. You just need to carefully study the instructions and practice. But this is a very useful activity, the child develops his spatial thinking, attentiveness and perseverance.

We all know how to make paper airplanes, but not everyone knows how to make a boat. In order to get a good boat you need to make a little effort. After all, when we smooth our boat corner to corner, the future result is not obvious. First, just a square, then a triangle, and so on, and then once, and pulling the corners, we get our boat.

Today we will analyze some simple schemes by which you can make your boat out of paper.

Simple paper boat

For a simple boat, we need 1 A4 sheet

Well, let’s start making our boat.

  1. The first thing to do (1.1) Bend the leaf in half, we should get a rectangle.
  2. Bend the top corners of the rectangle to the center (1.2). Carefully bend the coals, they should be in close contact with each other. You should get a triangle.
  3. Under the triangle, you have formed two free strips, you need to bend them up so that they seem to frame the triangle (1.3).
  4. This must be done on the one hand and on the other. Bend the protruding corners beyond the triangle (1.4)
  5. Now we have a hat. We need to take the corners of the triangle and connect them together to make a rhombus (1.5)
  6. Now the coals that we connected at the previous stage, we need to bend up to make a triangle again (1.6)
  7. Now we have a triangle (1.7)
  8. We are at the finish line, we need to turn out the boat. Grasp the bottom corners and pull them down (1.8)
  9. Our boat began to open, now we need to help him. Pull the top corners to make the boat straight (1.9)
  10. Done, now it remains only to straighten the boat and decorate it.

How to make a two-pipe boat?

First, we need a square sheet of paper, you can take an A4 sheet and cut off the unnecessary part. Whatever, do not waste time calculating how to cut a square from a rectangular sheet of paper. Here is an easy way to get a square from a rectangle. You need to place A4 sheet with the short side in front of you. We bend the upper left corner down to the edge of the sheet to form a triangle. An unnecessary rectangle formed under the resulting figure, we just have to cut off the unnecessary part.

Now we can transgress to our folding of our boat.

How to make a two-pipe boat

  1. In order to determine where the center of the square is needed, fold our square in half, first on one side, then return to its original state, and do the same on the other side (1).
  2. Now that we know where the square is in the center, we can take turns bending each corner to the center (2). We should get a square again.
  3. Next, repeat the movement three more times (3,4,5), each new circle, turn the resulting figure, and bend the corners in the opposite direction.
  4. We are on the finish line, it remains for us to fold the resulting square in half to make a triangle. And pull the corners as in the previous diagram to open our boat.
  5. Now you need to make of the resulting ship, two-pipe. We straighten the upper and lower corners it will be, pipes.
  6. Everything is ready!)

More paper boat designs

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The use of paper boats in the decor

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How to make a boat out of paper?

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