Beautiful do-it-yourself paper card

do-it-yourself postcard for children

A postcard made of paper is an integral attribute of any holiday. The first card is considered the New Year card of 1843, now there are only a dozen of these cards in the world.

first postcard

A postcard is a universal spiritual way to congratulate or say nice words to a dear person. Even if he is far away, so to speak perpetuate his wishes on paper. But it will be more pleasant to make a gift with your own hands, even a postcard that he made himself look much better, a soulless factory. In addition, making a postcard with your own hands is not at all difficult. Enough to show a little imagination and creativity, and a unique gift is ready.

 Beautiful DIY card

There are many types of cards, different sizes, and shapes. It all depends on what event the card was made for. It can be postcards for the New Year, birthday, March 8, Valentine’s Day. As you lead, there are many reasons to please loved ones with a postcard. So feel free to pick up paper and scissors in your hands, a handmade paper card will definitely not disappear. What you may need when making postcards from paper with your own hands.

  • Paper, it is better if there will be many different colors of thickness, texture;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Pencil and felt-tip pens or pens;
  • On request, decorative elements of roses, buttons, frames.

As you can see, there is not much to make a beautiful postcard with your own hands is very simple.

how to make a beautiful card with paper

A gift card or holiday card.

Of course, we most often need a greeting card for a present, it can be either an independent present or an addition. But agree without a postcard is not how. Making cards from paper often does not take much time. But here come up with how to arrange it, here you need to try. We have selected several ideas for you on how to arrange a card beautifully. As for manufacturing, there are several standard tips here, mainly they will relate to materials and the basis with which you will work:

  1. Use thick cardboard to base the card, so your card will keep its shape well.
  2. Use transparent glue, it is necessary that, not to spoil, your card with yellowness from the glue.
  3. Consider in advance the decor of your postcard, perhaps outline the decor lines with a simple pencil, so it will be easier for you to set how the finished craft will look.
  4. Try to make a card in advance, so that by the time of the holiday, the glue on the card has dried, and the design elements are firmly held on the card.
  5. Sign the card beautifully, so that the lines are even, barely noticeably draw the lines with a simple pencil. After you have signed the card, let the ink pens soak into the paper, and only then wash the pencil with an eraser. Depending on the paper, the pen may rub.

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