How to make a ball out of paper?

How to make a ball out of paper

If you were looking for how to easily and budget decorate a room for a holiday, you have come to the address. Order a decorator, designer, pay for expensive props, all for the sake of one holiday. Doubtful pleasure. But do not despair, you can do everything yourself, you need a little patience and time.

how to make a ball out of paper step by step

In our article we will tell you how to make paper balls. You will find that inexpensive decor can be very stylish and beautiful. The main thing is to choose colors and materials harmoniously. Similar decorations are suitable for children’s parties, birthdays, matinees, and if you think about the style and concept, such paper decorations will become the main highlight of the adult holiday.

Such paper crafts can be very interestingly applied in the interior of children’s rooms. Paper balls harmoniously fit into the decor of any children’s room. In addition, you can make paper balls with your child, the whole family. These are the moments your baby will remember for a lifetime.

Make your life brighter, give a holiday to yourself and your child. Paper decor does not end with chains of multi-colored paper, which probably everyone did in school and kindergarten. We will show you that paper crafts are interesting and stylish.

 In our article you will find many ideas on how to make a ball out of paper. Basically, all methods of making paper balls are very simple, you can repeat them in a couple of minutes.

how to make a 3d ball out of paper

Honeycomb balls

Honeycomb balls

Probably everyone saw these multi-colored beautiful balls. But you could not even imagine how easy it is to make them. It is called simple, all you need to make these balls is:

  • рaper (the more sheets you take, the more magnificent your ball will be);
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • two multi-colored felt-tip pens.

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  1. First, we need to prepare for the manufacturing process. You need to take a regular sheet of paper and draw stripes on it, along which you will glue the ball. Draw lines every 3 centimeters, alternating red and black. You can also print our version.
  2. Now prepare the circles. Take any oval object, such as a plate or compass. What size is your oval, the same size ball you get. Draw an oval on the sheet and cut it out, do the same with the rest of the flippers.
  3. You have finished round blanks, Take one and bend it in half. Check that the sides match, this is important. Cut the circle along the fold line in half. You get two halves, do the same with the rest of the blanks.
  4. Now we can begin to assemble our ball from paper. You have many halves of the circle. Take the blank with lines and attach it to the edge of the sheet. You need to smear glue along the red lines.
  5. Take one more blank of the semicircle, put it up. Now you need to smear with glue along the marked black lines.
  6. Continue to alternate until the sheets run out.
  7. Next, connect the first and last sheet and, you get a ball of honeycomb.

Honeycomb balls step by step decorating with honeycomb balls Honeycomb balls in the decor Honeycomb balls  in the decor easy

 Ball with flowers

  1. Take any ball, we have a foam ball.
  2. You need to cut many blanks of flowers from colored paper, they must be of different sizes.
  3. Now collect the ball. It is necessary to stick paper blanks on the base.
  4. Glue the large flowers first, then smaller and even smaller, the middle can be made of beads or beads.
  5. The ball will be ready when you completely glue it.

You can also paste the ball with paper roses, we told you how to make paper roses in the article (paper roses).

ball with flower out of  paper roses  Ball with flowers own hands is easy  Ball with flowers own hands is easy step by step  Ball with flowers

Paper ball

Paper ball

All that is needed for the manufacture of this type of balls is to cut blanks from color cardboard and connect them in turn. To make these balls, use thick cardboard, so your craft will hold on tight.

paper ball origami paper ball stencils

Simple paper ball

Simple paper ball how to make ball origami step by step decorating with paper balls for children

For this type of paper ball, you need to cut circles out of multi-colored cardboard. Further, when your circles are ready, they need to be bent in half and glued together. The more circles you make, the more voluminous and beautiful your ball will be. When you connect all the circles, glue the first and last element together, close the circle. Now you have a finished ball made of paper.

Corrugated Paper Ball

how to make a round ball out of paper

This kind of balls reminds everyone of their favorite peony flowers.

  • To make such a ball we need:
  • Corrugated paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Thread;

Corrugated Paper Ball

  1. Take a roll of corrugated paper (the more paper you take, the larger the ball will be);
  2. Bend the paper into an accordion;
  3. Cut the sharp edges, make them rounded, so your ball will look better;
  4. Fasten the figure in the middle with a thread;
  5. Now flatten the paper, separate the balls of paper one by one.
  6. Done!

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Ball Christmas paper toy

These are very beautiful and unusual balls, it is better to make them from two colors so they look more beautiful.

Ball Christmas paper toy

  1. First we need to prepare the blank. Cut out the main elements from color cardboard (Figure 1). You should get 12 rays of one color and 12 rays of a different color. Also cut two small circles;
  2. Glue the rays into circles, as shown in the figure. Also fasten the rays of a different color, but so that they look in the opposite direction.
  3. Now lay the two blanks on top of each other, and weave them together.
  4. Finish you can attach the tape.

Even more schemes for making a ball of paper

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How to make a ball out of paper?

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