Crafts from the paper on March 8

Поделки из бумаги на 8 марта

Do you love your women, mothers, daughters’ wives? I think every man will answer, YES. Such tender, caring, how many times the kind, lacquered word of my mother destroyed all difficulties and problems. Warm hugs protected from all adversities and experiences.

Family is the most expensive that we have, and each one brings a huge contribution to both men and women. But today we’ll talk about women, what do they mean to us. At different stages of life, women play different roles from daughters to grandmothers, let’s look at each of them a little.

Let’s start with your daughters. Affectionate caring girls, the whole world is reflected in pure innocent eyes, still so unfamiliar and mysterious. For dad, a daughter is a little princess who wants to be pampered and protected. She doesn’t care who you are, what you do in this life, what you have achieved, she just loves you. The pen’s tenet speaks words of love and devotion, and these are some of the most sincere words that can only be in this world. A radiant smile and a joyful laugh warmly envelop the heart of every dad. Love your daughters.

Beloved girls and wives. Oh, how these individuals can be moody, then they are not so wrong. Someone is too in love, someone is jealous, some want a career others family. And here there is no right choice, everything is individual, for each his own is good. But what do these young ladies mean for men, I’ll tell you a lot, a beloved woman is an incentive to move forward, to be the best version of yourself. Absolutely the same role is played by a man for a woman.

And what about mothers and grandmothers. You probably all know for yourself, this dear and the dear person will always support in any situation. She will be with you during your ups and downs, she will always support and not condemn, she will understand and listen, she will give practical advice. In moments of sadness will be there, sincerely rejoice at your victories. Love your parents, appreciate every minute next to them.

Gifts for March 8

And on the day of March 8, how not to please our so different, but such beloved girls. Children can give their mothers beautiful papercrafts. A child can make such a gift with dad for mom or with mom for grandmother. We also picked up a lot of interesting ideas that children can make at school.

Every year, by March 8, primary school children prepare gifts for their mothers. Why not make them out of paper, it seems to me that this is an excellent material for creativity, inexpensive and multifaceted. Each even the smallest will cope with such a craft. After all, the paper is not an expensive and affordable material, a child may not worry that he will ruin something, because you can always take a new leaf.

What paper is better to use for a DIY do-it-yourself paper on March 8

The stores have a very large selection of paper for creativity. Choose the material depending on your crafts. For the application, you will need dense cardboard for the base, for the colors choose corrugated paper in bright colors. Experiment with shiny glitter paper, this will give the work a modern look. Be original and inventive.

What can be done on March 8 from paper

As a gift, you can do anything from a postcard to a figurine and using the quilling technique.

  1. Postcards
  2. Various figures (in the technique of quilling, paper mache)
  3. Paper flowers
  4. Applications (you can make a separate picture, or decorate the card with applique)

Examples of DIY paper cards

  • To make cards, you will need;
  • Thick base paper;
  • Many different types of decor paper;
  • Decorative elements for ribbons, buttons, rhinestones;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Multi-colored felt-tip pens;

paper on March 8

Paper flowers for March 8

You can read our article in which we described in detail how to make a flower out of paper. Such flowers look very beautiful and interesting, and making them is not at all difficult, as it might seem at first glance. Ideas for making flowers out of paper.

Paper flowers for March 8 crafts from the paper on march 8 flower spring march 8 flowers paper flowers for march 8 spring flowers for March 8

Gifts for mom on March 8

Small figures made of paper made in different techniques are very cute and neat. A child can make her mother’s favorite flower or pet, all that’s enough for fantasy. A few paper gift ideas for mom.

Gifts for mom on March 8 Gifts from paper for mom on March 8 gifts for mom from kids Gifts for mom at the holiday Gift figurine for mom gift for mom Make a gift for blow

Stencils for crafts on March 8

You can also decorate your gift with beautiful flowers. They are easy to use, you just need to print and cut. Next, just use ready-made flowers; you can decorate a card or any other craft with them.

Printable templates.

Stencils for crafts on March 8 small stencils for crafts do it yourself Картинки для вырезания Flowers for cutting Cutting stencil

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