Cardboard crafts

Поделка из картона

Cardboard crafts are fun for the whole family. First, let’s understand what is cardboard?

Cardboard is a type of thick paper. When we talk about cardboard, we mean not only sets for children’s creativity, but also large boxes from under household appliances. Unlike ordinary paper crafts, you can make anything from cardboard from a paper application to a spaceship. The main thing here is imagination and skillful hands.

Thick paper is a versatile and multifunctional material for creativity. Probably each of us in childhood built halabuds or imagined himself to be a pilot of a large plane. And all these games can be revived with cardboard. From a large box, you can make anything you want. To do this, you do not need large material investments, only a box, and unpretentious improvised materials: adhesive tape, glue, and scissors. A smile and warm childhood memories are guaranteed.

Crafts can be made not only colorful and vibrant, but cognitive and developing. Remember how difficult it was to tie shoelaces for the first time, you can make a small sneaker in the form of a game from cardboard, explain to your child how to tie shoelaces so that they would not treacherously untie at the wrong time. Such exercises develop fine motor skills, ingenuity and simply help you have fun together.

Did you know that a cardboard sleeve from toilet paper can turn into a little animal or a favorite character. And here, too, everything is just enough to decorate it and add a couple of characteristic elements. Such crafts are made easily, even the smallest will cope with them. If you do not want to use a sleeve, you can just make a cone out of cardboard.

Your imagination is endless, cardboard is an ideal option for children’s creativity, it’s easy to work with it, it’s not scary to spoil it. Because you can always take another leaf. In the process of work and play, the child does not get hurt, this material is absolutely safe. Just get started and we are sure that this is exciting entertainment for you and your child, good entertainment for the whole family.

Educational crafts made of cardboard

Cardboard crafts

For such a craft, we need

  • Cardboard;
  • Scissors;
  • Colored pencils and felt-tip pens;
  • Laces or threads.

Let’s get started

  1. Take a sheet of cardboard, draw a figure of a shoe on it, these will be the cut lines;
  2. Cut out the figure of the shoe, make holes for the lacing;
  3. Decorate the craft with vibrant colors.
  4. Done, you can start lacing.

Openings for lacing, do more so that it would be convenient for the child to lace our sneaker.

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Crafts from toilet paper bushes

This toy is very simple to make. It is enough to take a cardboard sleeve and glue it with colored paper or just paint it.

What do we need

  • Cardboard sleeve from toilet paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • The pencils;
  • Colored paper.

If you don’t want to use a toilet paper sleeve, simply glue the tube from a thick cardboard.

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Cardboard application

Cardboard application

As an example, let’s make a typewriter

What do we need

  • Cardboard of different colors;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue.
  1. For the application of cardboard does not need a background, since the paper itself is dense, and holds its shape well;
  2. Cut an oval, this will be the basis of our machine, cut the bottom, as shown in the figure;
  3. Cut out all the necessary elements for the typewriter (windows, headlights, and wheels);
  4. Glue everything onto the base we prepared in step 2;
  5. Done.

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DIY cardboard house

In order to make such a house we need

DIY cardboard house

  • Thick cardboard;
  • Scotch;
  • Scissors;
  • Markers, paint pencils;
  • Accessories for decor;
  • Wallpaper.
  1. First, we need to cut out all the blanks in Figure 1;
  2. Now gently fasten the workpieces together using tape;
  3. For the roof, you can make tiles. To do this, cut many identical rectangles, from one edge the corners should be rounded;
  4. Glue cardboard tiles. Start gluing from bottom to top, in overlapping rows;
  5. When the base is ready, we can decorate it. Wallpaper the house or paint with colored pencils and paints.
  6. After finishing work, you can attach the curtains to the windows and to the front door, so the house will become even more comfortable.
  7. Done, you can play.

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Cardboard Designer

constructor constructor do it yourself constructor for children

All you need is to cut out all the details and play.

Cardboard crafts

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